Connecting Mobility with Ecommerce

An increase in the growth of mobile devices and internet speed has led to Ecommerce platforms directly working on pursuing features through native mobile applications. Mobility has shown a steady and significant growth and contributes towards the next step of evolution with the ecommerce industry.

Ecommerce stores are building applications that help build loyalty, community and quicken task resolution. With customer delight in mind, businesses are building mobile applications to improve their market presence and be a cut above their competition. 

The values seen in building mobile applications around your ecommerce store includes -  

  • Quick line of communication
    Mobile applications can act as a direct line of communication with the customer, help the customer reach customer care and rectify any issues or challenges.
  • Higher brand value
    Brands that have personalized applications build around themselves create a better sense of brand equity in the mind of the customer. 
  • Improve marketing activity
    The dependency of plugins or 3rd party applications would be removed in the process of marketing activities. The brand can take control of the mobile software to push offers that are persistent with the customers wish lists and product requirements. 
  • Build a community around a brand
    Applications can nurture and build a loyal community where users can share their experiences and stories. Here webstores can quickly understand and listen to the customers to make tweak, modify and introduce new products or services to improve customer loyalty.  
  • One Stop Solution
    Custom functions that pertain towards the product can be built in as part of the user experience. An ecommerce electronic application can behave as a one stop solution to include custom functions such as tutorials, electronic manuals and product support that can influence the purchase decision undertaken by the customer. 
  • Understanding Consumer Behavior
    Organizations can further quickly understand consumer behavior by understanding how users interact with the mobile application. This can help undertake decisions on changes both in how the interface or themes present themselves to the customer. The brand can further segment the customers based on their interaction and behavior with the mobile interface.
  • Build an ecosystem
    The software can help the customer be involved with a digital ecosystem that may be seen around the brand. Nike built its ecommerce application to create an ecosystem for consumers to come together and be part of a membership program. The application provided guided workouts and improved shopping experience. Ikea improved its ecommerce experience by allowing consumers to virtually place products within their home. Augmented and virtual reality experiences in technology now provide stores with the cutting edge to help them improve sales.
  • Faster Communication Channels
    Building custom software by understanding the shopping processes can shorten the time seen between accessing websites and fulfilling the purchase. The application can learn shopping trends to create a shortcut between the products and consumers. Push notifications can further shorten the line of communication to increase sales. Stores can notify customers when products are in stock, online sales through push notifications.
  • Fluid Technology
    Mobile ecommerce webstores can take control of the end to end user experience and further improve quality of shopping that is dependent on the web browser. The challenges seen with broken links, SEO optimization, push notifications and compatibility across web browsers will become easier with direct ecommerce mobile applications. Furthermore, OTP sign-ins interactive fun theme customizations and better user experience that replicate the idiosyncrasies of a physical store.    

Final Words

Building mobile applications with features such as quick checkouts and push notifications keeps the ever-evolving customers engaged. Ecommerce stores are now adopting the value of building applications that speaks and caters to the customers need.

If your ecommerce store is willing to be app-ready you gain the opportunity of higher client retention and increase revenue. Successful ecommerce stores are now building attractive, scalable and user intuitive applications to boost their presence in the competitive market.